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Thursday, 15 May 2014


something wonderful that need to be shared 
something that everyone need in their life 
not hard to find but hard to maintain 
girls or boys, there is no different 
just like an entertainment 
always there for u 
never hate u for who u are 
advising u 
care for u 
never leave u 
always defend u 

p.s. please love your friend as much as they love u because they were someone that will always remain by your side throughout your life after your family members....

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

and Wait... 
Waiting was surely something that was frustrated things to do in life.. 
No matter how it turn, it is still something that we do not want to face.. 
Sometimes it worthwhile of waiting.. 
but sometime it is nothing, something hopeless and useless to wait.. 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Online Photo Editor

We know something when we read..
We know something when we look..
We know something when we listen..
We know something when we taste it..
We know something when we ask..
We know something when we travel..
We know something when we touch it..
We know something when we search for it..
We know something when we found it..
We will know something if we are willing to try those things in our life..
Life will never give up with someone who is not willing to give up with life..
Dare to make changes because life is not something static..
Always revolved because our green planet is also always revolved..

Thursday, 14 November 2013

FRIEND(S)/BESTFRIEND(S). One big words that we know after FAMILY and sometimes there's someone that did not know what the real meaning of FRIEND(S) in their life and frankly speaking I also took some times in order to understand and realized what does FRIENDSHIP means to me because all I know was, as long as there was someone whose smiling or willing to talk to me he/she is my friend. But, as time passes by, little by little I realize what does the real FRIEND(S) means. FRIEND(S) wasn't the one whom always with you when you're in pleasure but left you when you're miserable but FRIEND(S) or should I said TRUE FRIEND(S) was/were someone whom always been there for you doesn't matter in a hard or easy ways. For me, I am really grateful that God had gave me people who were always there for me through thick and thin. Since I was in primary until university I've had made a lot of FRIEND(S) and none of them ever left me when I was sad and miserable. They will always be there with me even some of them were living far from me but still they took care of me.
Now I realized what does friendship meant to me and why some people they preferred to choose their friendship rather than lovers. Someone that we called FRIEND(S) will always be there with us and will never tired of us because they knew what we want and what we need and they never get bored of us because they understand us really well and try to forgive us if we make mistake because they knew they were also wrong. FRIEND(S) is someone that will told you something is wrong with you and FRIEND(S) willing to gave you advice because they care about you and they want the best from you.
 FRIEND(S) I will always miss you all and I'm already missing you all and thanks because all of you appreciate me and always be there with me through thick and thin. I hope in the next life I will met people like you all and hoped that we can be friends also. I LOVE U AISHITERU WO AI NI SARANGHAE

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

What? Why? How? We always think about all these throughout the day and maybe until we left this lovely world. Sometimes we never knew why we ask this kind of question. Some people wanted others to explain something to them and that's why they ask those question. Never think of anything else in our life thus we kept asking for something that we don't know or because we curious about it. But, did we ever really think that sometimes some of our question on how? why? and what? will actually affect our daily life because sometimes we ask someone about something and they turned up to be very sensitive. Maybe that's why I prefer to be silent because I'm afraid that, if I asked something to someone I'll be hurting their feelings.